Imagine Green Wear

Our family was given the opportunity to try these terrific cotton shirts.
These shirts are fantastic.


Imagine GreenWear is a new brand of organic kids and adults apparel with a very unique story.   Attached is a collage to show some of our styles.   

Imagine Wear introduces a new technology which sets a new standard for eco-friendly clothing.  They are  unique because:

  • ·          Imagine Wear is completely made in the USA;  knitting the material, cut and sewing of garments, and all decoration including printing and dyeing.
  • ·         Imagine Wear is a green manufacturer.  Here’s a press release about our sustainable manufacturing set up:
  • ·         Imagine Wear’s garments combine 100% organic cotton and eco-processing to make  “the greenest garment in the industry”
  • ·         Unlike other screen printed apparel, organic or otherwise, they do NOT use screen inks, either plastic or water based.
  • ·         Screen inks have a rubbery or scratchy hand feel and have PVC’s, resins, pigments, binders, solvents, and high impact emissions
  • ·         Imagine Wear’s prints are SUPER SOFT, and safe for baby’s or sensitive skin. They feel just like the combed cotton they are printed on.
  • ·          Imagine Wear’s dye prints will not fade or crack after washes like all universally used printing inks.
  • ·         Imagine Wear’s dyes prints are totally eco-friendly unlike screen inks. Our dye base is edible!
  • ·         The garments are pre shrunk.
  • ·         Imagine Wear decorates our garments with graphics on the front AND back of the garments- everybody’s seen from the back too!
  • ·         Best of all, Imagine Wear has had a great response to our styles, designs and colors. Our mission is to promote “green” apparel by making hip fashion that looks and feels great!  


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Lil’ Creepers Coloring Book Review & Giveaway

Shawna Carter from Lil’ Creepers has offered a coloring book to one of our readers. Do your children like Minecraft? If so, they will love this coloring book!

DSC_0170 (3)

Coloring Book

Your kids will love Lil’ Creepers!

You can “Like” their page at:

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N4YouSoaps Review & Giveaway

I am excited to post my first giveaway on this website. I look forward to offering many more to you, my loyal readers.

N4YouSoaps has graciously offered to mail an assortment of products to the winner.

Neither Coupon Corner or myself has been paid to post this review & giveaway. I did receive an assortment of products to try as a “Thank you” from N4YouSoaps for the review.

When the soaps arrived, I was extremely excited. Here are some photos of what I received.

DSC_0167 (3)

DSC_0158 (3)

These soaps smell delicious and they have a wonderful texture. I love homemade soaps with a rough texture. Talk about Luxurious!

Take a look at these wonderful soaps!

N4YouSoaps has a facebook page ( and an Etsy page ( Take a look at her wonderful products!

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Make Your Own Salad Dressings

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Last blog, I wrote about several items you can make by yourself to save money. This blog, I thought I would focus on salad dressings and write about several salad dressings you can make on your own.

In addition, I found this fascinating salad dressing container on Amazon for a little over $6 (and free shipping). This container is a great way to store your homemade salad dressings for future use. Remember to buy one container for each dressing you plan to make. You can Buy It Here.

Creamy Feta-Red Wine Salad Dressing
David writes about this salad dressing on his website. He is currently living in Paris & writing a blog about his experiences. To learn how to make this salad dressing, visit:

Lemon Basil Vinaigrette
FortheLoveofCooking Blog writes about this delicious Lemon Basil Vinaigrette. This is a fun and interesting dressing to try.

Creamy Avacado Dressing
Also known as a Guacamole Buttermilk Dressing – A cool and creamy avocado dressing with tangy buttermilk, fresh cilantro and lime juice along with some spicy jalapeno pepper.

Red Grape Dressing
This dressing looks interesting and unique.

Pineapple Mustard Salad Dressing
Here is a dressing for those who like to try something new and unusual:

Garbanzo Bean Dressing
Here is a dressing made with garbanzo beans. It has many of the same ingredients you would find in Hummus.

Butternut Squash Dressing

Homemade Ranch Dressing

This is a dressing I can’t wait to try! The pioneer woman has a terrific homemade ranch dressing recipe listed here with step-by-step photographed instructions.
Here is another homemade ranch dressing recipe you can try:

Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing

Beet Dressing

Zucchini Dressing

Catalina Dressing

Strawberry Poppy Seed Dressing
This dressing looks especially fun! Use this dressing and top the salad with strawberries for a gourmet treat.

Orange Chia Seed Dressing
Rawmazing talks about this fantastic orange chia seed dressing. Chia seeds are a great healthy addition to your diet.

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Make Your Own Food & Save Money

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As grocery prices are rising, it is becoming imperative to fight back. Unfortunately, coupons do not completely help curve the rise of grocery prices. As fuel is becoming more expensive, grocery manufacturers are rising prices to ensure they make a profit. Besides rising prices, they are also cutting back on coupons, deals and coupons. The result is a two-fold punch to our food budgets.

Therefore, couponers must learn additional techniques to help keep the grocery budget low. I have search the web to find the several blogs with great advice to make your own items. The closer you get to making items from scratch, the lower your food budget will be (and the healthier your family will be too!).

Here are some great tips from across the web!

Make Your own Popsicles
Here is a great way to make your own healthy popsicles. Corn syrup is genetically modified and bad for the blood sugar. Therefore, I would substitute corn syrup in this recipe. Taste of home offers a recommendation here. Otherwise, this blog says you can often substitute honey. Read more about it here.

Here is a link to how to make your own rainbow popsicles:

Mixes and Convenience Foods
The blog shares how to make your own mixes and convenience foods. In this blog, you will learn some quick recipes for making your own seasoning mixes, Bisquick substitute, Shake & Bake, canned tomato soup, chocolate syrup, pancake syrup, homemade chai mix & more! The best thing about her recipes is these are items you won’t have to make often. A large batch of a seasoning mix or Bisquick may last you several months before you have to whip one up again. Use a free day and mix up several of these items, you will see immediate savings without the constant work!
Here is a link to read more on her blog:

Make Your Own Yogurt shares how to make your own yogurt. In our household, we eat a LOT of yogurt. Therefore, we could save a lot of money by making our own. I have a bucket list of things I need to learn and making yogurt is on the list! If you read her blog, you will discover this blog is very thorough. I have read many blogs on making yogurt, and this one offers the most detail. If you are learning how to make your own yogurt, reading this blog is a fantastic place to start:

Make Your Own Condiments has a great list of condiments you can make for your kitchen. Here is a link to lots of condiments:

Make Your Own DARK Hot Chocolate
Our family loves hot chocolate especially dark hot chocolate. Hot Chocolate packets are expensive considering hot chocolate is a simple combination of sugar and cocoa. Here are instructions to make your own hot chocolate:

Make Your Own Apple Cider
Here is a great step-by-step on how to make your own Apple Cider. Due to the drought, the price of apple cider has dramatically risen! One of my friends reported the local apple orchard charging $6 for a a half gallon of apple cider! (This would be $12 a gallon!) Our family loves apple cider and therefore this price increase is very discouraging. The author recommends you buy this Breville BJE510XL Ikon 900-Watt Variable-Speed Juice Extractor to help you make your own Apple Cider.

For a lower price alternative, you can buy a high powered blender. Be sure to look at the wattage and buy something over 500 watts. I recommend getting a blender with at LEAST 600 watts. This will not only help you make apple cider – it will also help you crunch ice and make smoothies. Our family found the standard blender doesn’t have a high enough wattage to crunch ice and make smoothies. I was much happier when I purchased a blender with at least 600 wattage.

Here is a 750 watt blender currently on sale for $99.99 (regularly $179.99). This blender has good reviews. Remember, Amazon sales done last long. You can buy it here:
Remanufactured Breville XXBBL600XL IKON Hemisphere Blender

Without further ado, here is the blog on how to make your own apple cider:

Making even one item at home every month can help reduce your families grocery bill. For instance, our family buys 2 large containers of yogurt once a week. The yogurt is around $2.50 a container. We spend at least $20 a month on yogurt every month. If I simply made our own yogurt we could easily reduce our grocery bill by $20 a month (granted there would be a small cost for the ingredients needed to make the yogurt, but it would be much less!).

Remember to take couponing and making your own food in baby steps. You don’t have to bite off a huge portion to start saving. Slowly reduce your grocery bill by incorporating one small habit into your life at a time. You can accomplish a lot more by taking a bite at a time!

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The Binder Method of Coupon Organization

“How do you organize your coupons?” is a question I receive often. Every person has his or her favorite method of coupon organization.
One method I often use for coupon organization is the binder method, a simple way to keep your coupons organized and within view so you will not accidentally forget to redeem a coupon.
Using the binder method is simple. Take a three-ring binder and place clear plastic sleeves inside. You can find these sleeves at an office store like Staples or Office Depot. If you prefer baseball card holders, you can use these in place of the big clear sleeves. Baseball card holders are nice because they have a slot for each coupon. I have a three-ring binder with a fabric holder that zips around the binder. This feature prevents me from losing coupons outside the binder.
The best organization of the coupons will have to do with your personality and shopping style. If you shop the same grocery store every week, you consider organizing the coupons by section of the store (deli, baking, hygiene products, etc). Some people divide sections traditional sections into smaller sections such as cereal, yogurt, etc. The smaller subcategories are especially helpful for item types where you have more coupons. Another idea is to sort the coupons in categories that make sense to you, like “lunchbox fillers” and “items for baby.”
I typically have a less traditional method of organization that makes sense to me. I put my coupons good for completely free items in the front pocket. In the following pockets, I place the coupons I know I plan to redeem during my next trip. After these pockets, I place coupons together according to their type.
Your style of organization will vary according to your personal preferences. The most important idea to remember is no method of organization is the “right” way unless it works for you. Therefore, choose an organization system which works with your grocery shopping style.
Why do we organize? We organize coupons because we want to insure the coupons we plan to use get redeemed. If any method of coupon organization we use does not meet this goal, it is worthless. I love the binder method because I can quickly see the coupons I plan to redeem. Looking inside my binder reminds me to purchase the product at the store. I have coupons I do not plan to redeem filed behind the coupons I plan to redeem. In case I find a good deal, these coupons will be at my fingertips.
It is easy for someone who wants to save money to become bogged down with the cutting and clipping of coupons.
To me the worst part of this hobby is clipping coupons. Although I have heard people make it fun by clipping them during their favorite TV program or with their kids, I have never enjoyed the process. The truth is there is no reason to spend outrageous amounts of time clipping coupons; choose your favorite coupons and file the rest of the coupons by the coupon supplement date.
Keeping coupons un-clipped inside the supplements, allows you to match sales on coupon blogs. When a sale is listed, you will see the coupon flier name (SS – SmartSource, RP – Red Plum, P&G – Proctor & Gamble, etc.) along with the date. Check the small print on the binding of your supplements to see the date they were published. By sorting your supplements in order of date, you will ONLY need to clip the coupons you plan to use at the store. Otherwise, the coupon flier stays tucked away in your binder or filing cabinet. If you do not use any of the coupons, the next time you see the flier will be when you are purging old coupon inserts.
Read more about couponing at:
Learn to have your own FREE Grocery Shopping Sprees at:

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Save Money on Baby Supplies!

Have a Baby Inexpensively
By Sarah Holmes
Many people think having a baby needs to be expensive. In reality, there are many things a person can do to cut the expenses of having a baby.
The first thing you can do is breastfeed. It will save your family money and it provides the perfect nutrition for your baby.
The next thing you can do is buy cloth diapers. Cloth diapers can be re-used and re-washed. In addition, they do not put chemicals next to your baby’s bottom.
If you do not want to do cloth diapers, you can find ways to purchase diapers at a discount. Amazon has a deal right now where you can purchase a box of 120 diapers (regularly $32) for $16! Pull-ups are included in this deal. If you are interested on how to do this fabulous deal, check out Coupon Corner Column’s facebook fan page at:
You can save money on wipes for your baby’s bottom too! There are a few options you have to save money. The first is you can use a washcloth. This is what previous generations did to wipe baby bottoms. A washcloth can be thrown in the washer when you are done with it.
I prefer to be able to throw baby excrement away. Therefore, there are a couple other options you can use when wiping a baby bottom.
You can make your own wipes.
Here are the items you will need:
Round Cylinder Container with a lid large enough to fit half a bounty roll
1 Bounty Paper Towel Big Roll
1 TBS of your favorite baby bath
1 TBS of your favorite baby oil
1 Cup of warm water

The first step is to cut the paper towel roll in half. Bounty Big Rolls are one of the stronger varieties. You can use any brand of paper towel. The stronger brands of towels work best. You place this inside the round container. Next, you mix together the baby bath, baby oil and water. This creates your solution. Next, pour your solution over the paper towel roll to saturate it. You can now take out the brown inside roll saturated in water. It come out easily when wet. You can now pull the wipes and tear them from the center. They smell nice and they are gentle on a baby’s bottom.
There are other versions of this recipe online. I will post other recipes on-line you can try.
You can also save money on wipes by signing up for the mailing lists for baby companies. You will receive coupons for diapers, wipes and baby food.
You can join the Huggies club here:

You can join the Pampers club here:

You can join the Luvs club here:

You can join the Nestle Baby Club here:


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Sodastream Offer! Hurry – This offer ends today!

Soda Stream

Bubbles anyone?

This is a terrific offer. If you share bzz about Soda Stream today, you could be receiving a free machine in the mail. Once you receive the machine, all bzzagent asks you to do is to share about it with your friends. How great is that?!

The soda stream is fantastic. You can add carbonation to your own beverages!

Click here to share and find out if you get to become a participant in this great campaign:

SodaStream allows you to prepare great-tasting, fresh, fizzy beverages precisely to your taste – with no bottles, cans, or electricity! With the SodaStream Jet Starter Kit, you’ve got everything you need to turn tap water into sparkling water in 30 seconds–saving you money while also helping you stay environmentally friendly.

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Are you lured in by marketing ploys?

Marketers of consumer products use techniques to tempt consumers to purchase products. Only a few days ago, I purchased 2 boxes of tea. Later I realized I purchased 2 boxes of tea when I normally would have purchased only one. The reasoning behind why I had purchased two boxes is simple. The store advertised the boxes on sale 2 for $6. Instead of advertising them as $3 each, the two for $6 special convinced me to pick out an extra box. I was in a hurry when I picked out the tea and did not think much about the purchase until later that day. When I did think about it, I realized I had been lured into purchasing the second box by clever marketers using a tactic which usually does not work on me. I was disappointed in myself too because this store is a high priced store and although $3 is not a bad price for tea it is not an incredibly terrific price either.

I am happy to say I was not lured at the same store when the hot cocoa was on sale for $1 and advertised it as 10 for $10. Instead, I realized I did not want 10 boxes nor would I have room to store 10 boxes. Besides, hot cocoa goes on sale for $1 a box often enough and I will be able to find another sale after the three boxes I purchased are gone. I avoided spending the additional money on the cocoa. The reason I spent more money on the tea was due to the fact I was in a hurry and it was a rare grocery shopping occasion when I did not have time to leisurely choose items to purchase. This made me more vulnerable to clever marketing tactics.

As consumers, we must be aware of how corporate marketers come up with prices and sales. Typically the marketer is attempting to lure the consumer to purchase more goods. All people are vulnerable, however I believe sometimes those of us looking for a good deal can be more vulnerable if we do not place our guard up. The marketing tactics used by food companies are effective. Therefore, it is important to analyze the food companies marketing methods and be aware of them in order not to spend additional unnecessary money. In general, the marketing tactics used by consumer food companies are the major reason I can receive products for next to nothing. By using a coupon and a sale together, I can often get a terrific deal. I am SO incredibly glad food manufacturers rely on marketers to encourage consumers to buy their products. Still, the fact I am consistently on the lookout for a good deal can sometimes make me susceptible to marketing tactics meant to make me feel as if I am getting a deal when in actuality it is not a good deal at all.

Therefore, I make it a point to shop for groceries while I am alert and well fed. It is commonly known one should not go grocery shopping hungry. Not only is this true, I also believe it is worth the additional cost of a small meal at fast food restaurant to avoid the temptation to buy more.

Rather than grocery shopping without thinking about it, my mind is always alert and active. I do my best not only to consider the cost of each item, if I have a coupon, what groceries I need and what meals I plan to make; I also consider the marketing tactics the company may be attempting to use to convince me to buy a product. There is a juice I love and occasionally purchase. It says $6.98. This is expensive; however when I consider the fact the juice is almost $7 it makes me gasp. The two cents difference is enough to make a huge difference in my perception of the value of the product I am purchasing. Therefore, if you are buying a product which is only a few cents away from the nearest dollar (even 88 cents is almost a dollar), round the amount up to the nearest dollar to discover what you are really spending. As I mentioned before, be cautious of 2 for a certain dollar amount deals or any other number for that matter. Do not purchase more products simply because the item is labeled 2 for $6. If you only want one item, purchase the number of items you want. Most grocery stores will give you the sale price regardless of the number of items purchased. If you are unsure, check with a store manager or store clerk. One store which charges a higher amount is Walgreens. Therefore, if you find a 2 for $6 sale at Walgreens, a single item may cost $3.98 instead of $3. In this case, you may save money if you purchase 2. It is still worthwhile to consider whether your family will use 2 of the items. Spending an extra $2 for an additional item you won’t use is not a money saver.

No matter where you are shopping, be alert. Getting the best prices on groceries for your family is a skill. No matter how good you are at saving money, the skill of penny pinching will keep you on your toes. The art of couponing is a skill which will challenge you as much as any video game. The difference is learning the technique and strategy of couponing will save your family lots of money & who can say that about a video game?!

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$10 in Laundry Coupons

Sign up to get $10 in Laundry coupons mailed to your home.

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